1GS security training

As one of the UK’s premier security companies, 1GS Security Services understands that in order for our workers to maintain high levels of professionalism and expertise we need to make a commitment to provide them with the best possible training.

At 1GS Security Services, we take a multi-faceted approach to training, to ensure that all our staff are not only trained on general issues (such as health and safety) but also qualified to deal with individual tasks from our clients.

In addition to the extensive health and safety training, that all our staff receive, we run a series of courses throughout the year; these take place both on and off site and include client-specific training.

The courses we regularly run for our staff include: site induction, access control, first aid, fire safety, patrolling, physical intervention, emergency procedures, customer care, communication skills, and reporting.

We are proud that 1GS Security Services offers a broad range of training for our personnel. We never compromise on the quality of service to our clients and that begins by ensuring that all of our staff receive the best possible ongoing training for their career with us.

To book a FREE consultation, please contact 1GS Security Services on 020 7724 4478 ; or via email at contact@1gsservices.co.uk Our team are available to discuss your specific security needs 24/7.