Keep Your Construction Sites Safe With Security Guards

One of the number one problems that occur on construction sites today is a lack of security. Once everyone goes home for the night, the site is left to fend for itself. As you probably already know, this doesn’t work out so well when a thief or intruder decides to go “shopping” through your tools and equipment. Thefts end up costing you.

Don’t allow an opportunistic thief or scrap merchant get their hands on your businesses equipment when you are not there. Instead, hire an on-site crime prevention monitor to ensure that your property stays right where it is when you’re not around. You don’t want to fall prey to careless predators who look to destroy your things.

When seeking out security specialists for your company, ask yourself what is most important about your business, what you wish to see protected, and what sort of credentials you want your guards to have. You should insist that the potential employees you are considering for hire are SIA licensed.

Each potential hire should have at least one years’ worth of on-the-job experience as a crime prevention specialist. Always ask to see proof of these credentials and a list of references that you can call upon for character reports. This is a vital step to ensuring that you hire the right type of people to care for your construction sites.

Develop a protocol that you would like to see put into place after hiring security guards for your facility. Consider having all monitors sign in upon arriving at the work zone and reporting to the management team for a briefing. This will ensure that your crime prevention teams are on point and ready to protect your space.

As the owner of the construction site or sites, it is your civic duty to address any special requirements that you want to have put into place. For example, if you do not wish your guards to take keys home with them after their shift ends, make this rule apparent directly upon hiring.

Take each new hire for a walk around your property so that you may clearly stress perimeter boundaries, things to look out for, and vehicle positioning. Make clear what your expectations are. It is OK to be specific with new hires as this is the only way they will know what you need.

Determine what security patrols will consist of and how often they are to be performed during your staff’s shifts. Reiterate that regular perimeter patrols will discourage vandals and thieves from breaking into the site or facility. Require that all machinery and equipment are checked for discrepancies.

Insist that all findings are recorded in a logbook for review by either yourself or the management team. It’s a good idea to keep a record of these observations for insurance purposes.

Talk to your security guard team about keeping an eye out for any damages to windows or doors, as this can compromise the integrity of the business. Make sure your staff records all findings immediately upon discovery. Stress that any property left unsecured is a severe infraction to your company’s protocol.

Finally, discuss with your team what the protocol is once their shifts are finished and the steps they should be taking before leaving. Talk about fences, doors, gates, and windows being inspected at the end of each workday.

Reiterate company keys being handed back to the management team and leaving the property clean and tidy at the day’s end. Lastly, remind your guards to sign their names to the sign-out sheet, which confirms their shift has ended and the site is no longer their responsibility until the start of their next shift.

1GS Security Services specialises in providing security guards for construction sites in and around London. All of our male and female employees have undergone extensive background checks, are first aid trained, CPR certified, and have learned the principles of fire safety and containment, to the best of their abilities.