Krav Maga Training

Created in the 1930s and developed by Imi Lichtenfield in Bratislava, and later Israel, Krav Maga is now the Israeli Security forces martial art of choice. Emphasizing fast and effective combinations for real-life street defence, Krav Maga represents an incredibly effective fighting system for everyone, from security professionals looking to be more effective in their work, through to children looking to increase their confidence and ability to defend themselves from the myriad of threats presented in today’s world.

  • All 1st Guard Security Officers having monthly sessions to improve fitness and Self Defence
  • At 1st guard Security we encourage all our security guards to involve sport and healthy life style
  • Together with London KM 1GS Security officers are in better fitness shape and ready to defend themselves and our clients from any risk or danger

Josh Mintz London KM

Josh’s journey in Krav Maga began over ten years ago, where he fell in love with the system after taking a community self defense class, he’s been training ever since, mostly under Expert instructor Alex Trafton and Master Ze’ev Cohen in Israel, who awarded him with his G1 certificate in 2012. As a former Israeli Army soldier, bodyguard and security consultant he’s had the privilege of teaching everyone from moms and college students through to professional security contractors and soldiers from around the world.

Josh knows which techniques really work, and is totally focused on bringing you real world self defense in a fun and relaxed environment. Never satisfied with what he knows, Josh also cross-trains in Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a certified Crossfit trainer.

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