Event Security

1GS Security offers tailored, professional, discreet and effective protection for events of any scale, including conferences, concerts and exhibitions in London and throughout the UK.

The initial process of addressing potential security weak spots at an event enables our guards to anticipate potential challenges and to guarantee a secure and relaxed event for staff and visitors.

Our security process begins with an in-depth risk assessment of the event covering location, number and demographic of visitors and assets. We develop a bespoke security solution including contingency plans and emergency evacuation and we liaise closely with the police to ensure complete cooperation and thorough communication.

Event security solutions include:

  • Highly trained manned guards for access control and screening
  • Ushers
  • Crowd management
  • Traffic and car park management
  • Thorough risk assessment
  • Access control
  • Radio communications
  • Mobile CCTV
  • Command and control
  • Liaison with police and other emergency services

Music concerts, shows and performances are often widely promoted and attended by tens of thousands, often young, sometimes intoxicated crowds, creating a vulnerability that 1GS Security is trained to manage. Our discrete teams on the ground, supported by efficient and experienced office staff, offer a high level of effective planning to address all potential security weak spots. Our guards are first aid trained and offer a safe, stress-free and enjoyable event for staff and visitors through manned guarding; gate screening; ushers, crowd management and traffic and parking control.

For a wide range of corporate events including industry exhibitions, AGMs, academic or scientific conferences, product launches and corporate or celebrity speaking engagements, 1GS Security offers well-planned manned guarding with carefully selected personnel with operational management and logistical support.

For premium security products and solutions across London and throughout the UK contact 1GS Security for professional advice, effective planning and expert installation.