Static Security

There is nothing more effective for increased security at public, commercial and residential properties than a visible human being protecting your office block, school, hospital, private home or apartment complex.

Static security comprises highly trained and reliable individuals placed at the property entrance or throughout the property ensuring that residents, staff and guests feel at ease and that anyone coming into the building is stringently vetted. The physical presence of a professional security guard is the ideal deterrent to potential threats.

Many of 1GS’s security guards come from armed forces backgrounds and all are trained to the highest industry standards. Guards hold the accredited SIA licence and undergo thorough DBS and background checks.

1GS values every employee and their wellbeing is central to our rigorous training and development process. As well as world-class counter-terror training, employees are obliged to complete first aid, fire marshal, profiling and customer service training. Every month security guards must undertake 3 hours of self-defence training for their continued professional development. General fitness is encouraged through rewards and incentives.

First and foremost 1GS guards are committed to protecting the people who work and live in the properties they guard. Always professional yet friendly and polite, our static guards build effective relationships with those they are protecting and our back-office leadership team is on hand at all times for queries from the on-site unit.

Static guarding responsibilities include:

  • Guarding entry and exit doors
  • CCTV
  • Checking perimeter and surrounds
  • Patrolling parking areas and directing vehicles
  • Screening packages
  • Fire alarm and evacuation tests
  • Responding to emergencies
  • First aid
  • Searching bags, vehicles and people
  • Maintaining accurate visitor and supplier logs
  • Writing incident reports

Working tirelessly to anticipate, prevent and manage threats, 1GS static security teams work in residential, commercial, charitable, healthcare, educational and retail clients in both public and private sectors. For over a decade, 1GS Security has been building a reputation as one of London’s leading security providers, offering outstanding dedication to every job.

For premium security products and solutions across London and throughout the UK contact 1GS Security for professional advice, effective planning and expert installation.

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