Street Patrol

1GS Security offers mobile patrols to protect businesses and homeowners including residential gated communities, commercial complexes and construction sites.

Trends and research in crime demonstrate that the presence of uniformed security patrols significantly lowers the risk of theft, vandalism and unlawful entry.

Our mobile patrol guards are highly trained to identify potential threats and our close working relationship with the police ensures that we can seek their support immediately if required.

Every patrol officer is first aid trained and receives comprehensive off and on-site training to ensure an effective response to critical or threatening situations.

Street patrol officers maintain a daily log and adhere to guidelines which are regularly reviewed.

Our Meet and Greet service offers security to customers returning home or to work. Our officers check the area, meet clients at their car and escort them to the door.

Street patrol services include:

  • Opening and closing premises securely
  • Car or foot patrols
  • Property checks
  • Guarding entrances and gates
  • Checking perimeter and surrounds

At the forefront of every homeowner’s mind is property security and the safety of family and neighbours. There is barely a UK neighbourhood untouched by crime in recent years and the atmosphere of fear is restrictive and may affect property value.

1GS Security offers you top tips for keeping your neighbourhood safe:

  • Set up a neighbourhood watch to observe and report suspicious behaviour and create visual deterrents including signs to alert criminals to the initiative.
  • Work in harmony with local police.
  • Improve street lighting including motion-activated outdoor lights.
  • Address empty buildings which are attractive to criminals.
  • Hire a security service to patrol your neighbourhood more frequently and respond efficiently to suspicious activity.

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