1GS Security provides premium-level corporate and commercial security solutions and products to protect employees, guests, students, patients and premises without disrupting operational activities. Covering corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality and retail premises as well as events of any scale, our solutions are tailored around the business requirements and culture of your organisation.

With expensive technology and valuable capital assets to protect, it’s crucial to prioritise effective security measures and products to protect you and your company.
Our highly-trained, experienced and vetted security personnel use access controls, CCTV monitoring and alarm systems to protect office buildings and complexes; retail outlets; warehouses; factories; medical facilities, hotels and stadia.

Our personnel are fully trained in reception duties including visitor screening and package scanning; fire alarm and evacuation tests, emergency response and first aid. To enhance security in your commercial premises, see our premium security products and select those that suit your organisation best.

The expert team at 1GS Security offers you our top tips to keeping your corporate premises secure:

  • Protect your premises by securing all doors and windows with steel roller doors or bars.
  • Consider the most effective physical deterrent of highly trained human presence around your property.
  • External security lighting is an effective way of protecting your staff and visitors. Low-cost systems are available that detect movement near your premises and deter burglars.
  • Protect your computers. As cyber-crime rates reach a peak, protect your systems and data with the latest antivirus software.
  • Access entry systems require a code number or pass card fitted with an individual microchip.
  • Burglar alarms keep insurers happy and warn police of criminal activity in real time.
  • Bank your cash. Take it straight to the bank but vary the time of day of your trip and don’t go alone.
  • Fit cameras and a full CCTV system to protect your business.
  • Install and regularly test fire alarms.

For premium security products and solutions across London and throughout the UK contact 1GS Security for professional advice, effective planning and expert installation.

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