Homeowners in areas of high value property often feel vulnerable, as do wealthy individuals or those in the public eye. The threat from burglars, intruders or others seeking to harm you, your family or your assets is ever-present and causes anxiety and disruption. Effective protection in the form of manned guarding and premium security products is critical.

1GS Security teams are highly experienced in the protection of dignitaries, VIPs, high profile sports personalities and celebrities as well as everyday homeowners in London and beyond.

Our bespoke service is tailored, meticulously planned and supported by a dedicated leadership team. Our officers are discreet, personable and committed to your safety.

Each officer holds an SIA licence, is first aid trained and many come from an armed forces background. They combine planning with instinct to detect, contain and neutralise threats of any kind. Our officers coordinate with law enforcement agencies to mitigate potential risks, allowing you to relax and enjoy your daily routine without interruptions or anxiety.

To enhance your domestic security, 1GS Security offers an extensive range of premium products for your home, from security gates to grills, railings and mesh products.

From top of the range products to manned guarding and residential patrols, 1GS Security’s tailored residential solutions offer safety and peace of mind.

1GS Security’s team of experts offers you our top tips for keeping your home safe:

  1. Review your door and window security.
  2. Install front and back door sensor lighting to deter thieves and to allow you to enter your home with ease in the dark.
  3. Light up - A well-lit home with sensor lights will deter burglars.
  4. Regularly change the code on your home security alarm.
  5. Secure your windows.
  6. One key for all your door locks. Patented keys cannot be copied.
  7. Install garden shed security with a good quality lock to protect your contents and deter unwanted visitors. Chain high value items.

For premium security products and solutions across London and throughout the UK contact 1GS Security for professional advice, effective planning and expert installation.

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